Friday, April 4, 2008

Winter Break Reading Assignment

The significance of the title of the chapter "The Dream" is the plan that Owen predicts for himself surrounding his death. In the beginning of the chapter, Owen states that "GOD HAS TAKEN MY HANDS. I AM GOD'S INSTRUMENT" (337). Irving starts off the chapter by giving the reader a sense of Owen's faith and purpose to God. By having Owen boast of his importance, the reader is more likely to see Owen's dream as the future that God has fated. Additionally, Irving elevates Owen again by having him state, "IF GOD GAVE ME THIS VOICE, HE HAD A REASON" (353). Mr. McSwiney confirms that Owen's voice will not change unless something is done, hence why Owen writes in his diary that his voice will not change and that he is God's instrument in the end of the chapter. The title itself is referring to the dreams that Owen continuously has. Pastor Merrill assures him that it is just a dream but Owen is insistent on it being the truth as the reader realizes in the last chapter. The reader learns that it is because of this dream that Owen is troubled since Jogn says that this is one of the few moments when he sees Owen cry. Owen writes in his diary, "I KNOW WHEN I'M GOING TO DIE. I'M GOING TO BE A HERO" (416). The reader realizes that Owen has had the dream ever since the Christmas Carol play due to the manner he writes his name as first lieutenant Paul O. Meany Jr. as it was on his gravestone that day. This further explains his insistence on completing The SHot in under four seconds and his joining the ROTC. The reader realizes that it is as if Owen lived his entire life in anticipation of his dream, even as early as his high school days.

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Admittedly, my on-demand writing is quite weak. However, I chose this assignment because I feel that, although a tad repetitive, it answered the question well and completely while being backed up by textual evidence.